Goose in the community

Goose loves nothing more than meeting his fans and having hugs, and if he can do that whilst helping the community all the better! Goose has supported charities, economically disadvantaged nurseries and even flown to Africa (in book form!), to help encourage a love of reading in children and families. Laura, his creator and companion loves to talk to children and young adults about being an author too, and has read her Goose stories with Goose by her side at lots of events - they make quite the duo! You can read just some of the fantastic stuff they have got up to here!


Goose Visits Stepping Stones

When Goose heard that the children at Stepping Stones Nursery in Derby had been reading all about him, he thought he would pay them a visit! Laura came too and met all of the children. The children showed Laura a scrapbook they had created with photos of them at home reading with a plush Goose (donated to the nursery along with a book ahead of the visit). This was wonderful to see families coming together and reading the Goose stories at home. 

Laura read all the children a story and then, to much excitement, Goose came to say hello! Goose was bamboozled with cuddles by the children!

Laura wanted to do this visit to bring the books to life and truly inspire all the children, and in turn, give them a real love of reading. Goose was sponsored by local Derby company, Burn the Book, who donated a book bag to every child in the nursery. Laura hopes this will encourage the children to go home and read with their families. Laura believes reading at this age is about a shared enjoyment and love of story, and this in turn helps build bonds between parent/ guardian and child; Goose hopes he can encourage this in the most fun way!

Goose at Stepping Stones


Devon Air Ambulance 25th Anniversary Celebration

Goose and Sophie were invited to Devon Air Ambulance's 25th Anniversary celebrations, where they got to meet the crew of Devon Air Ambulance along with lots of excited children!

Laura, author and illustrator of the Goose series, did several readings of Wild Goose to families and children who visited the celebrations and showed them how to draw Goose. A percentage of profits from book sales was donated to the Devon Air Ambulance, and Laura also created a special charcoal drawing in honour of the day to auction and raise funds for this special charity. 

Goose & Sophie with the Air Ambulance


Goose Goes to Tanzania!

Laura donated some of her Goose books to a school in Tanzania, in the Mount Kilimanjaro Region of Africa, where they were hand delivered by local Teignmouth man (where Laura and goose are based), Emmanuel Alfred. Emmanuel was telling Laura about his trips to schools in Moshi, (nr Mount Kilimanjaro), where he is originally from. Every time he goes (which is a few times a year) he will take out clothes and items the children and families in the local schools may need. Laura was so taken by what he was doing she gave him some signed Goose books to take out. When Emmanuel returned with this lovely photo Laura was absolutely thrilled to hear how excited the children were when they received the books!

The children are learning English and as it is a second language, resources like the Goose books are really important for schools to help with educational support, especially as English books are hard to get hold of in these regions. He read the books to the children whilst he was there and they really enjoyed them, it was lovely to see the books going to such eager children excited to learn!

Children of Korongoni Primary Schoo


Westcountry Wonderwomen Workshop

Leading ladies from across the Southwest, including Laura Wall, came together for an evening of inspiration, celebrating International Women's Day with the launch of the first 'Westcountry Wonderwomen Workshop' at Dartmouth Academy and supported by the South Hams Council.

Hosted on International Women's Day 2017, the evening workshop included a presentation and talk from Laura, to 70 female students between 15 and 18, to encourage and inspire students. Laura's presentation told the story of how she became an author and illustrator, and the dedication and motivation it takes to do what you love, and some of the setbacks along the way. She then spent time answering questions from students in individual sessions.

The evening was about giving students the confidence and power to believe that they can do whatever they want when they have the motivation and passion to do what they love. 

Westcountry Wonderwomen Workshop