The Launch of 'Goose at the Beach' at the Eden Project

Posted by on Wednesday, 27 July 2016 - Leave a comment

Today, Goose and I went to the Eden Project. It was sooo exciting! It was the launch of Laura’s latest book, Goose at the Beach, and we went along to say hello to everyone who came to see it. We are the main characters after all! As we arrived there was quite a crowd around Laura, all asking to have their books signed, but when they turned to see us all of the children came running over to have a cuddle. It was so funny that Goose couldn’t stop honking, and he caused a block in the doorway with so many children queuing up to cuddle him!

Once everyone settled down a bit we all sat down together and learnt how to draw Goose. As I draw Goose a lot I am pretty good at it, so I helped some of the other kids with their drawings. After that, Laura read the story to everyone, and me and Goose acted it out as Laura read. It made everyone giggle a lot, especially when Goose pretended to be chased by a bee because he got ice cream all over his belly (which did actually happen)!

After that, me and Goose gave out balloons to everyone and shared cake with our new friends. We met lots of children throughout the afternoon, and I had to explain to Goose that every time someone came along for a piece of cake he didn’t have to have a piece too. I’m not sure he really listened, because when I looked over later he had chocolate all over his beak!

Once the launch was finished we said goodbye to everyone and set off home. "What a great day", I said to Goose, and he replied with a very happy, if a little tired, “Honk!”.