Goose’s Birthday Party

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Today was Goose's birthday! I woke Goose up nice and early to tell him and once I told him there would be lots of cake and friends to see him he got a bit flappy (in a good way) and started honking. Especially about the cake – he really loves cake! Last time Goose had cake though he knocked it all on the floor. I told him to try really hard to concentrate today and not get too flappy, but that is quite hard when you are a Goose and it's your birthday.

Anyway, Laura said we could throw a party at her art gallery. She was in charge of cake and decorations and gave me the Very Important Job of inviting Goose's friends, so of course I invited Mouse and Dolly, our friends Ben and Goat, and then all our friends from school. Goose likes to visit lots of other schools so there were a lot of invitations I had to write out because wherever Goose goes he makes lots of friends! I made sure that everyone knew that Goose is 4 years old today and lots of my friends made cards – these are just a couple of them.

Goose's cake had four candles and it was humongous! A lady called Sue, who likes Goose a lot, made it for him. Goose likes her a lot too! We all sang happy birthday to Goose and then some of Goose's friends helped to blow out the candles. That was really nice of them because being a Goose can be quite hard and sometimes Goose can run out of puff.

Goose's favourite part of the day was sharing a story with all our friends. We sat on some blankets on the floor and read Goose at the Beach with Laura, which is all about Goose and me on our holiday at the beach. Everyone found it funny when Goose had his toe pinched but Goose didn't mind and happily honked away.

After stories and cuddles with Goose everyone went home with a balloon and badge. The badge had a picture of Goose with a rubber ring around his belly. I told Goose if he eats any more cake he might not fit into his rubber ring anymore, just like Harriet drew in her picture!

He didn't seem too put off…

We were quite tired after all that, but Goose definitely had a wonderful time. "Honk! Honk!"
And he didn't knock any cake on the floor either.