Goose and Sophie join in Air Ambulance Celebration

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Goose and me are very excited to be going to a big party on Saturday! We will be meeting Ambrose Bear - who flies helicopters for Devon Air Ambulance - he's been doing it for 25 years now and that's why we are having a party for him. We are having it at Dart's Farm in Topsham and apparently Ambrose is going to fly the helicopter for all of us to watch! 

Laura said she is going to read one of her books in the morning and me and Goose offered to act it out for her as she reads it! We can't wait! And THEN we are going to do some drawing. We love drawing. Laura has done a drawing of us at the party and she has given it to Devon Air Ambulance - apparantly it's going in an auction to be sold to raise money for Ambrose Bear to keep doing what he's doing. He has a very important job, helping lots of injured and ill people and children by flying his helicopter and taking them to hospital. We think he's brilliant.

We hope all our friends will come along too as we love parties! Mum say's we have to be there at 9.30am - so Goose you better not get in a flap, we can't be late!


Laura will be reading at 10am and 11am in the main marquee. 

Devon Air Ambulance 25th Party